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Since inaugurating Gomo Adventures in 2008, we have accumulated substantial experience, and our reputation has exceeded our expectations. Building upon this experience has empowered us to provide an even broader array of meticulously tailored tours.

For those who journey halfway across the globe to the heart of the Himalayas to reach Bhutan, it’s imperative to entrust your experience to a company that ensures complete enjoyment and satisfaction. We are confident that Gomo Adventures embodies that assurance, and we are committed to ensuring that your Bhutanese journey creates indelible memories.

From our dedicated team in Bhutan to our global partners, all of us possess extensive years of hands-on international travel experience and an immense passion for introducing visitors to the beauty of Bhutan.

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Ugyen Wangchuk (Punap)

Founder / CEO


Gomo Adventures is a Bhutanese company established in 2008 and licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The company is named after Bhutan’s protecting deity, with its primary office located on Wogzin Lam in Thimphu City, Bhutan.

The founder of Gomo Adventures, Ugyen Wangchuk, initiated his journey as a cultural tour guide in 2002. After six years, he envisioned and actualized his own enterprise, grounded in his values, knowledge, skills, and strengths. The company’s name pays homage to the guardian deity of Bhutan.

Beyond his role with Gomo Adventures, Ugyen Wangchuk is an accomplished author and photographer. His publications, such as the Authentic Bhutanese Cookbook and Bhutan Portrait and Landscape, reflect his dedication to portraying his cherished homeland through words and images. His photographic work often serves as inspiration for Bhutanese postcards. He is presently crafting a coffee table book titled The Essence of Bhutan, scheduled for release later this year.

Ugyen Wangchuk is also deeply committed to environmental preservation and ardently supports responsible tourism. A prime example is the development of Bhutan’s inaugural eco-friendly lodge (www.bhutanecolodge.com). Currently, he is engaged in establishing Community Based Tourism in the Punakha region, a pivotal stride toward sustainable consumption and production in Bhutan. Ugyen Wangchuk’s unwavering dedication to responsible tourism and environmental conservation drives the essence of Gomo Adventures.

The inception of this company is rooted in the founder’s firsthand experience as a tour guide. Ugyen Wangchuk’s transformation from a cultural tour guide in 2002 to the architect of Gomo Adventures after six years was driven by his values, knowledge, skills, and strengths.

Ugyen’s fervor for photography and writing about his cherished homeland is palpable. His literary creations, including the Authentic Bhutanese Cookbook and Bhutan Portrait and Landscape, echo his profound connection to his homeland. His photographic works have also found their way onto numerous postcards across Bhutan. He is presently compiling The Essence of Bhutan, a coffee table book slated for release later this year.

Ugyen Wangchuk, the driving force behind Gomo Adventures, is equally passionate about environmental preservation and fervently advocates for responsible tourism. This commitment is exemplified through the establishment of Bhutan’s first eco-friendly lodge (www.bhutanecolodge.com) and his ongoing endeavors in developing Community Based Tourism in the Punakha region—a significant stride towards sustainable practices in Bhutan’s consumption and production.


Operated by a experienced team and a group of dedicated partners spanning the globe, Gomo Adventures designs and guides meticulously tailored journeys. The company has been orchestrating adventure packages, encompassing tours, trekking, and expeditions across diverse regions of this Himalayan realm, catering to guests from around the world.

Our extensive array of tours is both adaptable and personalized to match our guests’ precise preferences. Each expedition offers an intimate immersion into Bhutan’s distinctive culture and exquisite landscapes. With a plethora of customizable itineraries available, simply express your interests, and we will curate a tour that aligns with your desires—whether it’s photography, cultural exploration, spiritual quests, artistic pursuits, or trekking adventures, and more.


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