“My wife and I have travelled extensively internationally. Our time with Ugen and Gomo Adventures was one of the best adventures we have ever had. Every detail was attended to. At the outset we were presented with a detailed itinerary printed on beautiful handmade paper. Ugyen was not afraid to change this itinerary when even better opportunities arose. For example, we had an unplanned visit with an 11year old Lama, the reincarnation of the mind! I looking forward to the day I can return to beautiful Bhutan and stay in Ugyen’s brand new ecolodge.”

John Trachta


“I travelled Bhutan for two weeks in March 2023. I am a professional photographer and was recommended Ugyen, who has worked as a guide and a photographer for two decades. Ugyen is a standout Bhutanese travel guide whose dedication and expertise make him an invaluable asset to any traveler. His deep knowledge of Bhutanese culture and tradition is evident in every interaction. “

Sorel Solkaer


“Discovering Bhutan through the lens of a camera was an unforgettable experience, all thanks to my incredible guide, Ugyen. His deep knowledge of Bhutan’s rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and hidden gems made every moment a photography and travel enthusiast’s dream come true.”

Lara Bancroft


“Ugyen Wangchuk, popularly known as Punap Ugyen Wangchuk – a nod to his birthplace, Punakha – is a tourist guide who is also an accomplished and passionate photographer. For most people, it’s their love for a craft that takes them on their career journey, but Punap Ugyen Wangchuk believes that it was fate that led him to photography and guiding.”

Department of Tourism


” As a travel writer, I work with guides (and photographers) on a monthly, often weekly basis. Ugyen Wangchuk, who I met on an extraordinary and constantly evolving journey for the Financial Times last week, immediately placed into my top three guides of all time. His range of knowledge, across nature, religion, myth, history and culture, runs very deep. It emerges naturally and gently. “

Ruaridh Nicoll Thomas


“Ugyen brings a traveler into the heart and soul of Bhutan. His knowledge of the history, culture, and spirituality of Bhutan is outstanding. His infectious laughter adds warmth and joy to this unique opportunity. His attention to detail makes the experience seamless. Don’t hesitate to sign up for this memorable trip!”

Judy Proller


” I had the amazing opportunity to travel with Punap Ugyen Wangchuk through west and central Bhutan. He was an excellent guide and really helped me feel connected with the communities we visited.”

Justin Kerr


“I truly enjoyed my photography trip to Bhutan organized by Ugyen. Everything was taken care of, and Ugyen was a very good and thoughtful guide who worked hard to make sure everyone was happy. I would certainly use him again on my next trip to Bhutan!”

Bryan F Peterson


” Ugyen guided us with a deep knowledge not only of his country’s history, but also seemed to be on a first-name basis with most of the citizens. He had spent the first part of his life as a monk, and was still greeted warmly at the monasteries we visited. He introduced us to abbots and we were warmly welcomed wherever we went.”

Ron Lussier