Luxury Tour



The Bhutan luxury tour package takes our guests to five major districts in Bhutan and the luxury properties of your choice such as Aman resorts, Uma, Le Meridien, Sixth Sense, Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary and Gangtey Lodge and many more. The tour mainly focuses on exploring the valleys of Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, and the beautiful Gangtey valley. Experience the true essence of Bhutan’s tranquil mountains and valleys with our carefully curated itinerary at one of our high-end world class properties amid lush pine woods, serene landscapes and the resorts’ exclusive hospitality. Visit some of the most sacred monasteries and immerse yourself in the vibrant Bhutanese culture. There is also a selection of wellness services at each of our resorts, such as a spirit lifting spa treatment, which is wonderful for those just looking to relax and rejuvenate.


  • Tasting and enjoying whole different varieties of Bhutanese food.

  • Learn to cook more then 15 different authentic dishes of Bhutan.

  • Exploring food culture and different ingredients and vegetables.

  • Learn how to make butter and cottage cheese and their delicacies.

  • Learn to make Bhutanese salads and of different types.

  • Learn to make momos/ dumpling and different noodles

  • Visiting famous monastery, culture sites, villages and many more.


Please contact us for more details, we will provide more information and suggestion to choose different property at your service.