James Wigdel

James Wigdel, is the owner of U.S. based travel company Honu Adventures. Honu is the Hawaiian word for sea turtle, which represents the navigator, and the eternal link among people, the land and the sea. He established Honu Adventures to introduce travelers to unique cultural experiences around the world, and in particular, Bhutan and other authentic destinations.

Over the years, he has travelled around the globe, including Bhutan and  many places in Asia, Europe, Mexico, South America, and of course the United States. He also lived in Hawaii for over a decade, which is where he met Punap Ugyen Wangchuk over 20 years ago at a business conference.

James, like the Bhutanese, believes in ‘high value, low impact’ travel. He also believes there is no better way to have an authentic experience than to immerse yourself in the culture you are visiting, which is why he has partnered with Ugyen and Gomo Adventures to introduce travelers to the amazing Kingdom of Bhutan.

Honu Adventures works to promote Bhutan and assist travelers with planning their journey. Working with Gomo Adventures, we specialize in creating customized itineraries and also offer several services to plan and facilitate an authentic Bhutanese experience.

For more information about Honu Adventures and the services we provide to assist you with your journey to Bhutan visit www.honuadventures.com. Also please visit, like and follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/honuadventures.

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