Jody J Ballard

Born in the territory of Hawaii, her family roots are in Western Montana. Jody spent her formative years in Morocco, France, and Germany. Her first year of college was in Paris then she completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland. Jody earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study from Boston University.  

Jody’s career as a mental health professional began as a ‘baptism by fire by providing drug and alcohol counseling services to U.S. soldiers based in Germany, to convicted murderers in a German prison, and domestic violence intervention therapy to families at a battered women’s facility in rural Oklahoma. The depth and breadth of Jody’s resume grew rapidly to maintain the rhythm of her military spouse’s frequent reassignments. In Germany, she worked as the sole counselor for Americans abroad in a small community, conducted individual and group therapy in a large hospital setting., and worked in domestic violence throughout the southern region. For seven years, she had a thriving private practice in Warsaw, Poland, and worked as the Chief of Social Work Services for the Benelux Region.

While living in the United Arab Emirates, Jody was inspired to use her deep knowledge of the human condition to pen historical fiction novels imbued with rare insight into the dynamic nature of relationships. As a social entrepreneur, she took a leap of faith in 2015 and created a business called the Women’s Heritage Walk. Jody blended her skills and talents into guiding a group of 50-75 women as they trekked and camped  for five days across the desert from 

Al Ain to Abu Dhabi. 

Throughout her career as a Licensed Clinical Therapist, Jody has strategically added training, seminars, and coaching to her portfolio. Developing programs within varied milieus allow people to choose a comfortable medium for change. This process honors each person’s unique character and cultural differences.

Jody has an unyielding belief in the powerful nature of the curious mind. She is currently working and living in Hawai’i, where she continues developing the Women’s Heritage Walk, working as a health and wellness consultant, writing, and enjoying her love of oil painting.


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