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Tour Introduction

Bhutan, the only Himalayan kingdom that puts balance between spiritualism and materialism at the forefront, invites you to join a small group of travelers for a once-a-year opportunity. Our unique program allows you to engage with scholars, knowledgeable monks, and government policy makers, sharing their expertise on how to achieve balance between internal and external comforts. Explore the concept of Gross National Happiness and learn how to live a happy and content life through contemplation, pilgrimages, meditation, spectacular sightseeing, and hiking through peaceful nature. This mindfully crafted tour will take you off the beaten path to visit holy places and enjoy time in rural communities and monasteries, all while experiencing firsthand the serenity and beauty of nature. Engage in meditation programs in high hills and temples, enjoy wellness prayers performed by Buddhist masters, and participate incleansing ceremonies. Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore the last stronghold of Vajrayana Buddhism and experience the true essence of happiness.

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Meditation in holy places in Bhutan.
Pilgrimage and pristine hiking experience.
Praying together with monks and nuns.
Visit old monasteries.
Chatting with locals, monks and nuns, students, and many more.


Choose how you want to explore our Bhutan. Travel alongside our Bhutan-renowned Experts & photographers, visit our supported projects and enjoy exclusive experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Discover the different ways you can travel with us

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